Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amanda Makepeace- Art Inspired by Nature

I love these rock paintings.Go to to see all of Amanda's art.

Pebble Paintings

These paintings express my love of nature and stones inparticular. I've always been amazed at the variation of color and shapes in pebbles and stones. Several of my Pebble Paintings can be purchased as prints. Be sure to check them out at Imagekind.

Artist's Statement
I like to take things from nature that we ignore, take for granted or trod upon without a second glance as my subjects. This most often happens to be stones, rocks and pebbles. They come in more colors than just grey and brown - we need only look a little closer. Beauty can be found in the simplest things.

The Artist
Amanda is a self-taught, eclectic artist who tried a bit of art school and decided it was not for her. She wanted to do her own thing! She was born in Maryland, USA and later lived in Georgia and the South West Coast of England.

As a child she loved watching her Mother duplicate on paper her favorite toys and objects around the house. By the time Amanda was 8 she was an avid drawer and Nature was her Muse. Amanda has explored many subjects and techniques over the years but has now returned to her roots with Nature and wildlife as her subjects.

Amanda is a published artist and active member of EBSQ - Self Representing Artists. She is currently working on several projects; including Pen and Ink drawings of frogs and a new series of Earthscape paintings. In March 2007 Amanda returned to the USA and now lives in Athens, Georgia with her husband, daughter and 2 cats.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Jordanka and Amanda -

This is a wonderful display of Amanda's work ... very lovely paintings!!

Thank you for sharing these great images!!

~ Diane Clancy

ceevee said...

I LOVE these! They are great. I know how hard it is to paint stones so I admire all you have done.

ceevee said...
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Jordanka Yaretz said...

Amanda does a great job with her rocks. I have learned to appreciate rocks ,thanks to my husband. He lives and breaths rocks.He is an avid gardener and he has created magic with rocks.Each rock has a soul and character all it's own, just like trees.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love Amanda's work! She can make a pebble fascinating!

makeart said...

Thank you Jordanka and to everyone's wonderful comments. You made my day!! :-D

Artwork by Norval said...

I love paintings of stones, years ago when I lived in Colorado I would look for hours at the rocks in the mountain streams with clear water rushing over them and the golden aspen leaves floating by. Lo, that was before I was an artist I was a musician. Beautiful paintings.

Aleksandra said...

I love the looks of art in here,its pure poetry.

Schar Freeman said...

RoCk On!! Love amanda's beautiful artwork.

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