Saturday, March 28, 2009

Diana's Art Quilts

I am constantly amazed by this very talented lady. How she creates this beautiful Art Quilts with tiny little pieces of fabric and puts them all together to make these one of a kind masterpieces is beyond me.

About Me:
My ultimate passion is making ordinary photographs into Fabric Art Quilts. This is my 5th year of working with fused batiks and hand dyed fabrics. This process started more than 10 years ago with making Watercolor or Color wash floral quilts and wall hangings. A few years later, I began making Mosaic Photo Quilts from ordinary photographs for family members as gifts. Now, the Art that I am creating is actually smoothing out the edges of the mosaic tiled pieces and making gently curved shapes for a more realistic image.
Normally, I begin with a black and white photograph and select my fabrics to add the color as shades or values to make the image. The lighter colors are whites of eyes and darkest are shadows of hair or maybe pupils of the eyes. I prefer to use colors that are vibrant and unexpected, even though I have made a few with real skin or true colors.
A few of the pieces are only strips of fabric, such as the Mannequin and the Golden Lab. This process can be done in a weekend. Most of the other pieces are for purchase or I will even create personal images from your photographs! Contact me at and enter in subject line: My Photo Art.
Creating these pieces is so therapeutic and soothing for my soul. I hope that I have shown the passion and calmness in my Art to you, that I feel as I create each piece. If so, I have achieved my goal. I appreciate your visit and hope you visit often while I continue to create.

Diana's shop :

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poster print

I got some news to share with you . Today I sold a Poster of My RED CURLY TREE painting on ZAZZLE.
To see all the products of my original art, check out my store

Monday, March 23, 2009

Torrie Smiley, Original Works of Art

Welcome to the Gallery of Torrie Smiley , featuring original landscape and still life paintings using oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel. All art is original paintings. ***No prints***
Torrie Smiley, originally from West Texas, now residing and painting in the foothills of North Carolina.

I have been selling my Fine Art creations online since 2005. I have sold over 250 paintings throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

I paint because I have to....I sell my work through online venues to buy more paint!

My paintings are usually simple in composition with the goal to create something pleasing to the eye, that may make you smile. I am not into the deep, thought-provoking, controversial subjects. I am not ashamed to say I create wall art to compliment your home decor.

I try to keep my paintings affordable to the collectors on a budget who would like to have original artwork in their home.

For news of upcoming art that is currently on the easel or floating in my head, check my blog at:

or check out my Squidoo Page at:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laura Dawson Glass

It is my pleasure to present to you the Artwork of this talented lady.

Laura Dawson Glass specializes in fused dichroic glass jewelry as well as other fused and stained glass designs.
A little bit about me: I've been an artist since forever. Over the years I've done a variety of art but GLASS has been my chosen medium for about 18 years now. First working with stained glass making panels and suncatchers I am now into bead making and fused glass. GLASS is my passion. It is my creative outlet and my main source of relaxation. I can't imagine not doing it.
To find out more about my Glass work, visit my website at or

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pendants of my TREE paintings

I wanted to show you a very talented lady who creates pendants of my Original art ,her photography and the artwork of other artists .

B.J. Antonik started experimenting and making clay pendants in the fall of 2005. Since then she has sold over 3,000 pendants to clients in the United States and all over the world...and her client base continues to grow. Currently working from her Studio in Pennsylvania, she creates pendants from the artwork of a dozen professional artists and creates custom designs for clients and artists alike. An artist in her own right, she creates works of art in pottery, stained glass, and photography.

Her true love, however, is clay. Working with Polymer Clay has opened a new field for allowing great pieces of art to be worn as "Original Art" Jewelry. "After viewing some beautiful art paintings online, I contacted KKC Bauder for permission to use her lovely paintings on my pendants. She graciously agreed. Thus the idea of "Original Wearable Art" was born. I have been so very fortunate to be working with so many absolutely incredible artists and professional photographers who have allowed me to create their art on my "WEARABLE ORIGINAL ART PENDANTS. "DESIGNS BY THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS--will only be found on pendants DESIGNED BY -- ANNA LEAH DESIGNS..

Click on any image to go to her shop.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More TREE paintings

Just wanted to show you some of my new paintings available in my ETSY shop.I hope you like what you see.Have a great day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jean Levert Hood

Jean is a very talented artist, whom I admire greatly.

I paint with bold, clean strokes, thick with rich, sometimes surprising, colors that express what I see and feel when painting. My hope is that in the end I have engaged the emotions of those who look at my work.

I begin long before I pick up my brushes using design and composition principles to outline the work. I then paint with abandon and joy. The resulting work shows my personal application of impressionism with a minimalist quality.

Often inspiration comes from what I see walking on my ranch on the historically rich, brushy edge of the Texas Hill Country. Here daily, I encounter constant contrasts and variety in texture and color - the dichotomy of harmony and discord; lushness and barrenness; serenity and energy.

My challenge is to show the complexity of creation by painting intimate, personal portraits of nature. Whether choosing a landscape or still life, close observation reveals the ordinary as extraordinary.

My website shows my larger works:
my blog address is:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sharon K. Shubert - redladyart

Sharon is a multytallented artist,very hard working,and good supportive friend.

My grandmother, "Mama", instilled a love of God and of creativity in me from an early age. She told me to "use my imagination" and was always supportive in anything I ever tried to do. Over the years I have worked in various mediums, trying one thing after another, because I love the challenge and the processes.

See my official website for more of my art work in various mediums including Woodburned Furniture, Sculptures, Collage', Paintings, and more.

I'm a proud member of WWAO (Worldwide Women Artists Online). Search "WWAO" for wonderful Etsy shops set up by talented members of this international juried women artists group.

For more of my art and to read my writing:

Visit my sister shop for inexpensive supply items!

Just OPENED: A craft shop in honor of my grandmother:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Art By Lynne Reichhart

I am drawn by light and shadow. Many of my paintings depict plays of light and interesting shadow contrasts that further enahnce the subject. I work in several mediums and love to paint many different subjects. Currently I create in acrylics, watercolor and colored pencils. I am drawn to imperfection in a subject rather than perfection. If there is a spot of rust - I will include it!

Professional Training
I am primarily self-taught, however, I continue to take classes at the Munson Williams Proctor School of Art in Utica, NY. Currently, I am doing independent study in a small classroom setting.